Integration with legacy systems

Expand the capacity of the systems used in the organization by integrating them with new information

Implementation of Protocols

Development of specific protocols for integration with equipment using proprietary protocols.

Asset or Employee Tracking

Using Geo-fencing or Beacons, we offer team support services or asset tracking.

Real-Time Process Monitoring

Monitoring of processes in Normal Areas or Hazardous Areas, that is, areas that handle or store flammable products.


Consulting in the survey of requirements and specifications of the equipment necessary for monitoring processes.

Mobile Application Development

Development of custom applications for Android and IOS making it easy to use information on the anywhere.

Machine Learning - ML

Machine Learning for improved analysis of the information collected, mainly aiming at Predictive Maintenance and Performance Analysis.

Other services

We are specialists in IOT. We offer complete solutions, from the definition of devices to the development of the cloud application. Contact us

Knowledge Base

What is an explosive atmosphere?

An atmosphere is explosive when the proportion of gas, vapor or dust in the air is such that a spark from an electrical circuit or the heating of an appliance causes an explosion. What conditions must be met for an explosion to occur? To produce an explosion, three elements are needed: Fuel + Air Oxygen…

IOT – Internet of Things Concept

The concept of Internet of Things (IOT) is not something new. It was developed in 1999 by Gevin Ashton at the Massachusetts Institute Laboratory (MIT), researching radio frequency identification sensors. Due to the miniaturization of devices, the increase in processing capacity and the improvement of wireless communication networks, the Internet of Things has been staying…