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Consulting in the survey of requirements and specifications of the equipment necessary for monitoring processes

Starting from the identified or requested need and considering the existing resources, our goal is to design the best solution to integrate with the client’s environment.

The main points to be analyzed are:
• Need for integration with other systems
• Initial and final application needs
• Use existing equipment or purchase new
• Definition of the most appropriate communication network
• Need for Certifications
• Deployment schedule
• Testing procedures

Integration with legacy systems

Expand the capacity of the systems used in the organization by integrating them with new information

Involving the area responsible for the Customer’s IT architecture, technical meetings are held on the new information is integrated into the existing system. Once the scope of each team is defined, the functional and technical details of the integration processes begin.

Practices used in application integration:
• Search standardization in the form of integration.
• Defining standards in the use of interfaces.
• Use of light objects to exchange information.
• Reduction of layers between the legacy application and the integration platform.

Implementation of Protocols

Development of specific protocols for integration with equipment using proprietary protocols.

For communication with equipment that has proprietary communication protocols, we use remote programmable devices capable of receiving the implementation of the proprietary protocol. Most of the equipment sold today uses protocols already known as ModBus, CAN, NMEA, etc., which in this case do not require this type of development

Real-Time Process Monitoring

Monitoring of processes in Normal Areas or Hazardous Areas, that is, areas that handle or store flammable products

We are specialized in collecting information from equipment or transducers. Through remote actuation and control devices, we can connect to electrical interfaces of 4 to 20mA, PLCs or other intelligent equipment to automatically capture pre-defined information, which is transmitted through cellular, satellite, Lora and other networks.

For applications in Classified Areas, that is, regions that handle or store flammable substances, the devices used still require intrinsic certification or explosion proof. Often intrinsic barriers must be used to allow information to be used outside the Classified Area.

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

Machine Learning for improved analysis of the information collected, mainly aiming at Predictive Maintenance and Performance Analysis.

Machine Learning for improved analysis of the information collected for Predictive Maintenance. Often, due to the large volume of information collected, it is difficult to reach correct conclusions and the information is underutilized. The use of Machine Learning allows, in addition to the mathematical analyzes initially developed in the algorithm, the historical past to be used for future predictions, establishing an increasing correction of predictions and behavior.

Mobile Application Development

Development of custom applications for Android and IOS making it easy to use information on the anywhere.

Developing applications for mobile phones allows customization of procedures and interaction between work teams. Today we can easily imagine applications where an employee, accessing the corporate application, can check the level of a tank, receive an alert or notify a maintenance problem.

In the IOT world, imagination is the limit.

Tracking Assets or Team

Using Geo-fencing or Beacons, we offer team support services or asset tracking.

We are offering solutions for tracking teams associated with equipment maintenance. When the employee arrives at the place where the maintenance is to be performed, he is automatically identified and has instant access to the interactive maintenance plan, that is, each of the steps to be carried out is accompanied by the application. The use of this service allows continuous employee improvement.