Green IT

Information Technology (IT) Green is the set of practices that aim to reduce the impacts caused, directly or indirectly, by information technology to the environment.

Green IT has been gaining strength in the Technology sector for considering the environment and sustainability in business strategies, personal activities and even in simple procedures.

For example, studies indicate that the use of virtualized servers represents an energy saving of 14% while the use of power supplies with high efficiency represents savings of 12%.

Our commitment to providing the most appropriate solutions to our customers requires us to consider such practices in our specifications.

Below are the parameters considered in our analyzes, when applicable:
• Preferential use of devices with Energy Star certification, Rohs, or other green seals.
• Use of virtualized Servers and Storage
• Purchase equipment and devices that consume less energy
• Analysis and energy efficiency of the installation
• Use of equipment with scalable potential
• Analysis of alternative energy sources
• Development of APP that optimize the exchange of information avoiding unnecessary impressions
• Frequent use of Videoconferencing
• Donate or recycle disused equipment
• Proper disposal of obsolete equipment

In addition to the direct gain due to the increase in energy efficiency, we are sure that the greatest benefit refers to the valorization of the brand for employees and the market.